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Excel-Air Services currently manages and offers for rental a nicely IFR equipped 1971 Piper Cherokee 180 for personal use and instruction. (Instruction limited at this time to already certificated pilots- see the Flight Instruction page)


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The rental rate on this airplane is $130.00 per Hobbs hour, including fuel and oil.

Instructor rate is $30.00 per hour for flight time and ground instruction, biennial flight reviews, checkout flights, secondary (dual) flight instruction and Instrument training. All instruction will be done only by Certified Flight Instructors approved by Excel-Air Services. Pilots wishing to rent the aircraft will have to verify experience in type or undergo a checkout by our instructor.

Persons interested in using this plane need to contact Excel-Air's office to provide credentials, get instructions on using the online scheduling system and procedures and protocols for use of the airplane. The Rental Agreement can be viewed HERE.