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Excel-Air Services and Jasper County Airport

Located in the heart of the Midwest in Rensselaer, IN, and nestled among the cornfields, are the Jasper County Airport’s  4000 ft N/S and 1450 ft E/W  runways.   The airport and Excel-Air are conveniently situated off I-65, midway between Chicago and Indianapolis, and less than 300 miles from numerous major cities like Detroit, MI, Columbus, OH, Madison, WI, Louisville, KY, and St.  Louis, MO.  They are conveniently near golf courses, hotels, and the Fair Oaks Dairy Adventure (Click here for area information). Self-service fuel is available 24 hours with credit card access as well as other pilot services.

Maintenance Facilities

Finished in 2003, our 10,000 square foot maintenance facility can accommodate up to 12 airplanes at one time.


Our comfortable new offices were completed in winter of 2016. Amenities include break and lunch room, pilot planning and workspace, wireless internet and TV, coffee and snack nook.

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Pilot Services

Relax or regroup in the airport's cozy terminal building.
Enjoy complimentary coffee and chilled filtered water.
 Pop and snacks also available.
Watch a video or cable TV on comfy couches. Lobby2
Plan your next flight in the conference room.  Internet accessible computer and wireless service available. Conference1Conference3

Enjoy the area in the Airport's complimentary courtesy car.

(Please contact the Airport Manager at 219-866-2100 for detailed information on using the courtesy car.)

Click here for area information.