Flight Instruction


Excel-Air Services no longer offers Flight Instruction.

However, the Jasper County Airport owns a properly equipped Cessna 172 which is available for rental and instruction by several free-lance instructors, available by appointment. Information about this airplane can be seen at the Jasper County Airport website. http://jaspercountyairport.com/airport/

Our airport manager Emily Hackler, will be happy to assist anyone with an interest in learning to fly, needing a flight review, or airplane rental for personal enjoyment. Call Emily at 219-866-2100 for everything you need to know.


Private Pilot Rating Course Requirements

40 total hours of flight time

20 hours dual instruction:

10 hours solo:

10 hours solo or dual (based on proficiency)

FAA administered written examination, (computerized)

Class 3 Medical exam by an FAA designated physician before solo flight.


Visit https://www.faa.gov/pilots/training/ for more detailed flight instruction information.