Flight Instruction

Excel-Air Services is no longer offering flight instruction.


These circumstances are due to availability of flight instructors, and the sale of our rental airplane.

Again, it is our goal that this situation will be a temporary one, and that one day soon we may offer full flight instruction services.

We hope to restart our program sooner rather than later and are excited for the possibilities of future aviators!


Private and Instrument Pilot Ground Schools

Classes are offered as requested by 2 or more students.
Please contact our instructor, Paul Rupprecht, by calling our office and leaving your name and number.
Ground School is held at the Jasper County Airport (RZL), Rensselaer, IN

Classes are being offered to prepare aviation students to complete the Federal Aviation Administration's Knowledge Requirement Test for the private or instrument pilot certificate.

Tuition varies by course but includes all course materials. The fee for Ground School does not cover any flight time or actual flight instruction.


All Flight Instruction and Ground Schools- call for information.

Paul E. Rupprecht - Certified Flight Instructor

Paul E. Rupprecht holds an FAA Commercial Certificate with an instrument rating for single engine aircraft. In addition he is a certified flight instructor:

  • Airplane: single engine land
  • Instrument

He also has earned a glider rating and holds FAA ratings as a Ground School Instructor:

  • Advanced
  • Instrument

Paul has logged over 3500 hours as a pilot, over 2000 hours cross-country (including Alaska, Canada, Bahama Islands, and most of the U.S.) and more than 1500 hours as an instructor.

Private Pilot Rating Course Requirements

40 total hours:

20 hours dual instruction:

10 hours solo:

10 hours solo or dual (based on proficiency)

The most Frequently Asked Question regarding flight training is, "How much does it cost to get a pilot's license?" The only answer we can provide is the absolute minimum based on today's costs. Although some have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills in the required 40 hours of training, most students do not, and need further instruction to become proficient at flying the airplane.

At today's prices, an excellent student who is willing to devote the time and effort can achieve a Private Pilot Certificate in less than a year for around $5,861. This is not a quotation or any semblance of a firm price. Everyone learns differently and at a different pace. Our experienced flight instructor will take whatever time is needed to make you a confident pilot and pass your checkride with flying colors!

Visit Gleim for more detailed flight instruction information.