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Finished in 2003, our 10,000 square foot maintenance facility can accommodate up to 12 airplanes at one time.  We specialize in Grumman aircraft, but maintain a wide variety of single and light twin piston engine planes.  Excel-Air offers the following services:


Propeller to engine balancing is one of the most important things you can do to an aircraft. It prolongs the life of the engine, reduces wear and tear on avionics and vibration-sensitive parts, and makes a smoother, more comfortable and quiet ride. The famous Power-Flow exhaust system requires a dynamic balancing for complete warranty coverage. Excel-Air has the equipment and know-how to perform dynamic prop balancing on a variety of aircraft. The benefits far outweigh the reasonable cost of this service.


Our Shop Labor Rate is $100.00 per hour (beginning 11-13-23)

A $5.00 Disposal/Environmental fee will be added to each invoice.

* A $50.00 'Shop/Facility/Tool/Consumables' fee will be charged for owner-assisted annual inspections and/or owner-assisted maintenance.

Payment is due when the aircraft is completed & picked up unless prior arrangements are made.  Checks are preferred.  There is a 3% service charge for credit card transactions of $2000.00 or greater.