Excel-Air Services has been designated as a factory-authorized Installation/Service Center for ElectroAir ignition systems. These systems offer better economy, easier starting, and better performance than a plain magneto system. (click an image for more information)

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We offer a few upgrades and enhancements for your Grumman airplane that won't be found anywhere else.


Defroster Vents

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FAA-PMA approved replacements for your original equipment in all models of Grumman aircraft.






Carb Heat Muff for Cheetah and Traveler

These expertly rebuilt heat muffs fit like new and prevent your exhaust pipe from wearing out. Comes with new mounting tabs and hardware. Availability of this part is subject to the number of rebuildable cores we can obtain so get your order in.


Old muffs will look like this:


Core values are assessed depending on the condition of your returned parts.



Nosebowl Baffle

This fiberglass disc was developed to contain the cooling air that escapes out the nosebowl, behind the prop spinner. It is reported to lower cylinder head temperatures 10 to 20 degrees by itself and more if installed in conjunction with lower cowl exit ramp modifications. If all your other baffling and seals are otherwise in excellent condition and you still have heating problems this could be the answer. This part is installed under a FAA field approval. Please call for details.

nosebaffle1 nosebaffle2 nosebaffle3



Step Plugs

About half the airplanes we see in our shop are missing one or more of these plugs. They have no part number since they were originally supplied as part of the boarding step assembly. Our version of the replacement is cast from polyurethane plastic using the original parts for the mold. They are sandable and paintable and have an extended shank for more secure installation. Some minor fitting may be needed especially if your steps have been deformed from running without plugs.


stepplugs1 stepplugs2



Powder Coated Parts

Powder Coating is tougher and more heat resistant than most paints and enhances the appearance of your engine. In general, any part that can be painted can be powder-coated. Valve covers, baffle pieces and engine mounts are a few examples. Turnaround time is usually a couple of weeks while parts are sent out for treatment and reinstalled.

valvecovers1s valvecovers2s