Excel-Air Services now offers avionics installation and upgrades including most new electronic instruments, communication and nav radios, transponders, audio panels, antennas, and certified ADS-B in/out units. Although we are not an avionics dealer we work closely with other qualified shops for testing and FAA certification as needed during the panel work and after completion.


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CGR30PAppareo StratusG5GTX335Aspen 1000JPI EDM700

These are just a few examples of the popular modern instuments we can install and have certified. If a particular new gizmo suits your fancy, give us a call and we will find a way to pack it in your panel.

Much more...

Even the simplest aircraft these days have a web of wires, switches, fuses, and circuit breakers connecting all those important devices that make it possible to aviate safely and efficiently. We have the expertise to make sense of that tangled web, find the weak spots, repair or replace as needed and get all the things working, and working together.

Excel-Air has a long history of working with Grumman aircraft but we're not limited to only those. The C's, the P's the B's and M's and most others in the alphabet have all come through our shop along with a few experimentals. We are capable of doing electrical and instrument work on just about any plane that will fit in the shop.

Some of the things we do:

Breakers and switches and related wiring

Instrument relocation

Panel and instrument lighting, interior and exterior airframe lighting

Instrument panel overlays

Complete panel design and fabrication, metal panels

Here are some pics of panels we have built in Grumman airplanes... (click to enlarge)

panel1 panel2panel3panel4


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