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Consignment Parts for Sale

As a service to some of our clients and friends who have parts they no longer need or have upgraded to more modern equipment, this page lists miscellaneous items which are not owned by Excel-Air Services. We may or may not be able to offer some guidance as to applicability to certain aircraft. Where part numbers are available they are listed, otherwise we can only provide a description to the best of our knowledge about the parts. Please feel free to call with questions.

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RJ1SRJ2SCessna R182 Spinner assembly for 2 blade propeller. Removed for upgrade to 3-blade prop. Spinner part#0752637-16 (superceded by) 0752637-26. Bulkhead part#1750051-1. Selling for 60% off new price.

wiers3SExhaust system from Lycoming 0-235 removed from Piper PA-12 for engine upgrade.  
wiers4SPiper PA-12 nosebowl Univair part# U10189-000  
wiers5SPiper PA-12 modified nosebowl  
wiers8SPiper PA-12 rudder assembly (covered) part# 42163-00. Univair sells only uncovered with part# U40622-000.  
wiers10SEngine mount for 0-235 on Piper PA-12  
wiers16STop Cowl for Piper PA-12 Univair part# U10699-000  
wiers17SBottom cowl for Piper PA-12 Univair part# U10698-000  
wiers19SLeft cowl door for Piper PA-12 Univair part# U10701-000  
wiers20SRight cowl door for Piper PA-12 Univair part# U10701-001  

wiers24SSpinner assembly from 0-235 engine on Piper PA-12 part# 10246-00, U13663-000, 73251-00 (3 pieces)

wiers25SLanding gear strut fairings from Piper PA-12 Univair part# U10283-000, U10283-001  
wiers13SCessna wheelpants  
wiers26SCessna rotating beacon cap  


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