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Miscellaneous and Other

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121SSkyTec Lightweight Starter #149-12LS. Used. Time in service 107 hours since 3/2015 Compare SkyTec models HERE. This is the lightest one available. Front baffle will require modification when upgrading from a different starter. SOLD
126SBeechcraft Knots2U STC'd Cometflash Fin and Strobe Upgrade Kit. All Whelen stuff. For straight-tail 33s and 36s. Explore it at Knots2U.  
127SCessna Gas Cap C156003-0101 vented. Used. Alternate part # C100064-1  
128SCessna Gas Cap C100064-1 vented. NEW. Alternate part# C156003-0101  
129SCessna Window Latch Handle S1483-2 for left side. NEW. Fits older models C-150 to C-210. SOLD
133SPiper Seneca Dipstick for RIGHT engine only. Fits TCM LTSIO-360-E, EB, KB model engines. (left hand rotation) Everybody needs one of these.  
139SCessna Landing Light Switch 0713035 NEW  
138SCessna 172M Doorpost Mouldings. K0515026-6 (right), K0413484-18 (left) NEW, includes plastic beading on edges.  
137SCessna 172 Wheelpants. Smooth-side fiberglass with internal metal parts, no hardware or mounting brackets. Used, some minor fiberglass repair needed.  
148SCessna 182 friction-lock throttle cable STC'd by Air Plains #182025-211A  
149SMitchell 2 1/4" mechanical Tach D1-112-5225 . Redline at 2700 rpm.  




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