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052SRudder Cap Bracket/Rib 302038-501  
053SDorsal Fin 5302040-1 includes 5302040-2 metal channel. New improved fiberglass fin. SOLD
054SBearing, Bottom Rudder 300002-502 with hardware SOLD
055SVertical Stabilizer Assembly 5302038-506  
056SWindshield Frame (Bow) 5102274-1 includes bead seal clamps 5102288-2, -3  
057SVOR Antenna Elements (whiskers) Part # unknown. .199" diameter stainless.  
058SFuel Tubes, wing to sump L. 5401121-17, -21  
059SFuel Tubes, wing to sump R. 5401121-23, -24  
060SJ.P.I. Fuel-Scan 450 Fuel flow meter, with harness and transducer. SOLD
061SLoPresti Boom-Beam 35 watt kit new in package. For Grumman.  
062SControl Yokes 5602103-1 with shafts 5602109-1. Have slip-on grips with PTT switches with funky wiring.  
063SControl Yoke Covers "Grumman-American" 5602110-1 SOLD
064SAirborne 2H3-24 Vacuum Regulator  
065SU.M.A. 3-200-12 miniature vacuum guage  
066SAirborne 1J7-1 Filter Frame  
067SGerdes A-1390 Alternate Air Valve SOLD
069SPrecise Flight Standby Vacuum System  
070SGlove Box Assembly 102318-502 with door 102360-504  
071SDillon Windshield GPS Mount with extra brackets. Will need drilling for your application. Or maybe not.  
072SEngine Instrument Cluster 5801010-501  
084SSafe Flight Lift Detector (Stall Switch) mod.164-3, 5804040-501  
086SStall Warning Horn, Delta Alarm 02054-3 with bracket  
087SPrimer Pump, Kohler K-2403-2-1  
089SGooseneck Map Light 5804032-502 with switch and bracket  
147SBattery Tray Assembly 402013-503  
091SAuxiliary Power Plug Assembly 804023-506. Requires access door in lower cowling.  
092SFlap Motor and Actuator Assembly 5604011-501  
094SRudder Tip including Beacon light 804001-3 plus X1A assembly.  
096SCabin Heat Valve 406001-505  
097SCabin Heat Blending Duct 5406007-501  
095SCabin Heat Muffler 5406005-502  
099SFuel Sump Tank L. 5401136-503  
098SFuel Sump Tank R. 5401136-504  
101SFlap Drive Tube Assy 5604008-503  
102SFlap Drive Arm 5604005-501 with GAES 501-2 and GAES 500-1 rod ends.  
103SFlap Tube Bearing Bracket 5604007-2 with Bronze bearing 601029-1  

104SGerdes Brake Actuators co-pilot side. Gerdes #1-110-10. Grumman #403017-501 L. 403017-502 R. Inspected and fitted with new o-rings.

109STiger Throttle Cable 507005-3  
105STiger Mixture Cable 5507002-1 (38-1/2" jacket)  
106STiger Carb Heat Cable 507003-2 (square knob, 36" jacket)  
107SAir Filter Assembly 7SCF024-1 or 5500015-501 SOLD
108SFuel Selector Valve SP2358B3 with handle 401114-2 SOLD
110SCanopy Track Slides 5102270-501 includes detent buttons 5901004-1 SOLD
111STiger Airbox Assembly 5503005-519 refurbished. New shaft, new seals, edges re-sealed. Includes screen. Does NOT include foam filter or filter cage.  
112STiger Forward Spinner Bulkhead 5506010-503 with doubler 5506011-3 SOLD
113SFlap Microswitch Assembly 4604-1100 (x2) on bracket 5607017-7 as removed. SOLD
114SFlap Actuator Switch 6GM5B-50X1Z3 with knob 604066-1  
117SRudder Pedals 606001-1 with mounting shafts 601021-1  
118SRudder Bar Assembly 601031-501 includes attached brake lines  

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