1972 Grumman Traveler AA-5, N9505Lfacebookbadge

(American Aviation AA5-0105)



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9505-1s 9505L-2s
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1972 Grumman (American Aviation) AA5 Traveler s/n AA5-0105

This very nice Traveler has undergone a lot of upgrades and improvements in the past couple of years. A comprehensive extended annual inspection by Excel-Air Services completed November of 2020 revealed a number of must-fix items. The aircraft has been thoroughly gone through end to end and any problems found were addressed.

Complete Logbooks can be viewed HERE: AIRFRAME ENGINE and PROP (.pdf files)


Aircraft Total Time: 1832.22

Engine Time since Overhaul: 488.98, Has Precision Engine STC 160 horsepower upgrade

Propeller: 1832

Empty weight: 1304.95

Useful Load: 895.05

Interior and Panel

Upgrades and Improvements


Price: $59,950

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